LED Lighting Installation Adelaide

Led Light Installation – Why Should I Switch to LED?

Australia’s lighting is rapidly moving towards a more energy conscious & green system of lighting. LED lighting is the latest & most energy efficient form of lighting available today. LED lighting is not only energy efficient, it is also extremely convenient & safe as a light source.
Still not convinced here are the reasons to switch to LED’s.

•    Many years of light with no maintenance beyond usual cleaning & dusting.
•    Up to 50,000 hour lamp life before changing a fixture.
•    Run an LED downlight for 6 hours per day & it is very likely that same light will be still going in 20 years time & providing the same amount of light at a fraction of the electricity cost.
•    Runs at a low temperature minimising fire risks greatly.
•    Typical halogen lighting emits high temperatures & has started many house fires around Australia.
•    Up to 80% reduction in energy usage, saving you the consumer hard earned cash off your lighting expenses every quarter.
•    Brighten up your home or workplace as LED’s have better crisper light production than older traditional lighting.

Confused about how many products are on the LED market at the moment? Let EJM Electrical take the confusion out of choosing the right LED lighting for you. Change inefficient plus dangerous halogen downlights to LED downlights, convert oyster lights to LED with our oyster LED kits, change old fluorescent office lights to LED panel lighting. Don’t waste your money on inferior LED products which will just need replacing in a few years time. Contact us to see how LED lighting can reduce the cost of lighting your house or business & start saving now.

Go Green & save $ on your lighting costs
Ask EJM about what retrofit LED options are available for your home, business, shop or offices. Replace old fluorescent lights with flicker & maintenance free LED panels that look great & require no maintenance.

Replace dangerous & inefficient halogen downlights for a brighter future. $27 supplied & installed! Please see the front page for more details.